Jed & Dark

The Bad Guys (or So They Like to Think)
Daemon - This creature was born when Dark absorbed Author's discarded armor. Is this man Dark on steroids, or is this being something entirely more sinister?
Dark - A founding character also not known for brightness. He is Jed's polar opposite in most regards.
Ashram - A being found in the World of Square during the chase for Dark. Originally thought to be Author, he fought the fused Shadark and was thought dead. Seems to retain some memory of the recently resurfaced Angel v1.0.
Pirotess - Angel v1.0. The "Original" Angel. Abandoned for unknown reasons, but found and recruited by Ashram.
Angel v2.0 - A being created by Author as a companion. Was a part of the original plot to overthrow Author, but has remained missing since the battle between Ashram and Shadark.
Bother - A darker, more sinister, more coherent version of Fisher. Currently in the service of Daemon. Origins unknown.
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