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Here's a few places to visit:
Carolina Renaissance Faire Royal Court Homepage
Angel Knights
Everything Jake
Jedi Counsel Forums
Follies of Feminism

In my spare time I have been known to make the occasional theme for Windows. Here's what I've got:

Starscream Theme - My first real theme. An ode to what might have been.
Skywarp Theme - Second theme. My favorite Decepticon jet.
Seifer Theme - A tribute to the best character from FFVIII. Damn Squall.
Vincent Theme - My brother's favorite Squaresoft character.

Should you care to link to my site here's the html and what the banner will look like.

<a href="http://jedndark.keenspace.com">

<img src="http://jedndark.keenspace.com/images/banners/JDButton.png"></a>

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